Monday, October 15, 2018


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Development Aid & High growth inTanzania

Development Aid

After 40 years, it is clear that the development aid does not work. On the contrary, it costs both donating and receiving expensive.
It is the believes in the EU Commission after many years of foreign aid. (2012)
If you want to help in developing countries, it is important to choose a method that solves both emergencies and avoid development aid classic mistakes.

High growth inTanzania

The International Monetary Fund predicts that Tanzania this year will get an economic growth of over 6 - 7 %.
Tanzania has had a very strong development in the telecommunications, construction and financial services.
Tanzania has had an inflation rate of around 16 percent within the last year.

Tanzania´s production of power is far below the country´s demand and it is projected that the country has to add at least 250 MW if Tanzania is to maintain its economic growth of 6 - 7 % per year.

The country offers great potential in energy generation.