Monday, October 15, 2018


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Tanzania lacks electricity in 2011

Poul Wathne

When it comes to electricity, it is a very scarce commodity in most places in Tanzania.There are approx. 43rd mill.Tanzanian who has a very low electricity consumption compared to Danish citizens. Most of the power consumption takes place in and around major cities, the rest of the country is almost darkened.

Demand for electricity hinder economic growth inTanzania. With a population in 2050 will be twice as large,Tanzania need to build new power plants just to achieve the same living standards as now.Tanzania is in a very difficult time meeting, if not being produced enough electricity for the industry asTanzaniain in the future must live on.

In contrast,Tanzania virtual future not dependent on the country's physical future. It does not require as much electricity to operate a mobile network, much less to operate a mobile phone. Even small villages have figured out how to chargecell phones with car batteries, bicycles and solarpanels.

Tanzania is already online, connectivity options are already there. They will spread all overTanzania whether build factories or whether they are young find a job somewhere else.The culture created online as well as on the street.

In the near future, the Tanzanian voice heard more clearly. It makes it possible is a series of undersea cables which finally connected Tanzania to the rest of the Internet. The East Africa Submarine Cable System came up at Dar es Salaam in 2010. It freesTanzania for the costs and problems with internet over satellite, making it the first time financially possible for Tanzanian to communicate with the world and more importantly with each other.The price has gone down and the speed has gone up.