KILO TECH LTD in Dar es Salaam

Poul Wathne is working with a "Danida Business Partnerships", B2B-project, in Tanzania.

KILO TECH LTD in Dar es Salaam.

Velgørenhed fastholder folk i fattigdom, mens erhverv får dem ud af den. Det er kun igennem investeringer, at man kan gøre en virkelig forskel. I det øjeblik man laver forretning med de afrikanske lande, så vil hele strukturen ændre sig.                           Muhammad Yonus. Nobelprisvinder.

Because of population growth must be created 700,000 new jobs every year in Tanzania.

Business To Business programmets formеl er at bidrage til fattidomsbekæmpelse ved at skabe arbejdspladser. Its overall objective is to contribute to reducing poverty by promoting economic growth and social development. Programmet administreres af DANIDA.

Tanzania has a huge surplus of highly educated people who have difficulty finding work, which leads to many travels abroad to find work. Highly educated can't be employed in public, because Tanzania does not sufficiently have a business that can hire the highly educated to generate the income that Tanzania has to live on.

The B2B Programme encourages companies in developing countries and in Denmark to form such longterm, sustainable and commercially viable partnerships. In order to assist partners in doing this, B2B Programme supports each partnership with advice and finance. The focus of this support is to ensure a transfer of know-how and technology from the Danish partner to the local partners thereby strengthening the competitiveness of the local partner, increasing employment opportunities and by that, their local and international market presence. In turn, by partnering with a local company, the Danish company may gain access to new markets, raw materials and reduced production costs.

Embassy of Denmark in Tanzania Poul Wathne, External Professor

Samweli Kilua, Programme Officer Business Sector Bakari R. Mpamba, Managing Director

Bakari R. Mpamba, Managing Director

Said Ibrahim, Director of Economy

Picture from workshop

Some of the employes in the workshop Picture from workshop



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Waso Hill

P.O. Box 8349

Tel/Fax: +255 22 2630343 (022 2630343)

Mob: +255 715 607013 (0715 607013)

Direct: +255 784 607013 (0784 607013)

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... expert, reliable and timely solutions for defective electric machines

Managing Director

Wazo Engineering Premises

Wazo Hill

P.O. Box 8349

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tel/Fax: +255 22 2630343

Mobile: +255 784 607013

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what we do 3

why we do what we do 3

how we do what we do 4

products & services 5

how we are different 6

the core team 6

who are our clients 8


who we are

... expert, reliable and timely electric machines( motors and generators) solutions company

Established in 1997 under Registration No: 112502, KILO TECH is made up of

a hard working and versatile team of professionals in service, repair and maintenance of electric motors and generators

A team whose output will enhance our clientsТ productivity.

what we do

As a technical services company, Kilo Tech exists to provide specialized electromechanical services and repairs both in our workshop and at clientsТ sites/premises.

We also undertake electrical installations in buildings


As a company with a difference, Kilo Tech employs various materials, tools and skills to execute jobs as requested by our customers.



why we do what we do



Our core team of strategic planners and technical personnel share a passion for the combined fields of supply, service, repair and maintenance.


We are all motivated by an intense desire to meet our clientsТ expectations in the local and national market place.




The team has been brought together to complement individual strengths in leadership skills, strategy, technical skills and entrepreneurship.


how we do what we do



to be distinguished as a company that executes its tasks in the best and

most cost effective manner to meet our clients' needs.



І our goal is to be recognised by customers as a company delivering excellent services at competitive rates and in time.



Х we are driven to excel Х we think big

Х we probe deep Х we search wide

І one team, one dream, one goal



Хwe will work with clients who demand only the best Ц and nothing but the best.


Х we will go the extra mile in the quest to make a difference & leave a mark with every job we undertake, leaving each job as an ambassador and mark of excellence for Kilo Tech Ltd wherever it may be.




І Kilo Tech Ltd fosters a team-work spirit,

entrepreneurial, dynamic and collaborative culture that promotes knowledge and experience sharing up, down and across the company. We believe in hiring and keeping the very best and brightest professionals in the industry.

products & services

parts and tools: it is plain truth that there is a wide invasion of fake products in the country. So when it comes to repair/service jobs, Kilo Tech uses only genuine materials and parts manufactured and supplied by world renown companies to safeguard our highest level of quality.


planning: Kilo Tech Ltd, normally undergoes its planning for a particular job together with its clients, in order to meet our their goals as per agreed schedule.


performance:Kilo Tech Ltd keeps track of the past and present to add value to our future performance. .

customer focus: this is of vital importance for our growth and profitability. Sound and transparent management is a key element in our efforts to serve our customers.


how we are different

execution ability. Our team has worked in diverse environments and on several blue chip tasks, thinks different and is innovative.


fast turnaround. Our team is able to execute a wide variety of tasks without the need for third party outsourcing. The team is ambitious, skilled, talented, nimble and accustomed to Уhour lessФ work environments.


  1. Kilo TechТs philosophy is that we constantly evaluate our performance and expect our clients to do the same. All assignments are carried out within stipulated procedural and reporting guidelines. Detailed briefs, contact reports, updates and accounting ensure that the client is fully informed about every step throughout the task.


broad experience.Kilo TechТs staff has carried out the full spectrum of sale, installation, maintenance, service and repair; giving us the confidence, knowledge and expertise to carry out projects of any nature and scale.

the core team

Kilo Tech Ltd is overall headed by the Managing Director

and the Workshop Manager who is responsible for overseeing the smooth running of the day-to-day affairs of the workshop.



All planning work is done by the Planning Department headed by the Planning Manager who oversees and works together with the Marketing Executive, Workshop Manager and Client Service Director.



managing /client service director:has vast knowledge, long and invaluable experience from his previous endeavours. Trained at the then East African Railways

CorporationТs RailwayTraining School in Nairobi, Kenya in the early 70Тs and various other training institutions both within

and outside the country, worked with the former EARC, the

then Tanganyika Packers Limited, the then Saruji Corporation, ABB and Saruji Training Institute before he went

into private business in 2002 whereby he set-up KILOTECH.


workshop manager: trainedat the then Dar es SalaamTechnicalCollege (now Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology) has over 20 years

experience of erecting/installation,

maintenance, service and repair of electric machines. He has also worked for the then Pemacco Bevi and ABB.


planning manager:holds a Technical Certificate in Electric Machines repair and service. He has worked for the then AISCO for 5 years and Pemacco Bevi for 10 years. With this knowledge and experience of over 15 years in the industry and a hands-on experience in electric machines, he is an invaluable asset to Kilo Tech.

who are our clients


TANESCO Ц Electricity generating and distributing state company

MANTRAC TANZANIA LIMITEDЧCaterpillar Generators supplier and service agent

CRDB Bank Ц Banking/Financial institution

BREEZES CLUBS ZANZIBAR Ц Beach Resorts operators