Monday, October 15, 2018


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Mount Ukombozi Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Poul Wathne is working with a "Danida Business Partnerships", B2B-project, in Tanzania.

Mount Ukombozi Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Velgшrenhed fastholder folk i fattigdom, mens erhverv fеr dem ud af den. Det er kun igennem investeringer, at man kan gшre en virkelig forskel. I det шjeblik man laver forretning med de afrikanske lande, sе vil hele strukturen жndre sig.           Muhammad Yonus. Nobelprisvinder.

Because of population growth must be created 700,000 new jobs every year in Tanzania.

Business To Business programmets formеl er at bidrage til fattidomsbekжmpelse ved at skabe arbejdspladser. Its overall objective is to contribute to reducing poverty by promoting economic growth, increasing employment opportunities and social development. Programmet administreres af DANIDA.

Tanzania has a huge surplus of highly educated people who have difficulty finding work, which leads to many travels abroad to find work. Highly educated can't be employed in public, because Tanzania does not sufficiently have a business that can hire the highly educated to generate the income that Tanzania has to live on.

The B2B Programme encourages companies in developing countries and in Denmark to form such longterm, sustainable and commercially viable partnerships. In order to assist partners in doing this, B2B Programme supports each partnership with advice and finance. The focus of this support is to ensure a transfer of know-how and technology from the Danish partner to the local partners thereby strengthening the competitiveness of the local partner, increasing employment opportunities and by that, their local and international market presence. In turn, by partnering with a local company, the Danish company may gain access to new markets, raw materials and reduced production costs.



Embassy of Denmark                                Mount Ukombozi Hospital

Samweli Kilua, Programme Officer,            

Business Sector (DR. Luther H. Mwamkoa)                                                                      

File room                                    Dr. Luther H. Mwamkoa and his daughters


                    Mount Ukombozi Health Sciences Training Centre  


The Mount Ukombozi Health Sciences Training Centre is a non-Government organisation established i 2008 under the auspices of the Mount Ukombozi Hospital LTD, with a commitment to provide and promote health services at primary and peripheral level of health facilities. 

The establishment of the training centre is as a result of fulfilment of the regulation requirements to establish private training institutions in the country sat by the National Council for Technical education (NACTE) and the Government of Tanzania.

 The main aim of the training centre is to produce various Health Sciences personnel including; Certificate and Diploma for

1. Health Laboratory Technologists

2. Nurses

3. Clinical Officers