Tuesday, November 20, 2018


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Professors, Lecturers, Specialists

International Management 


Cross-Culture Management

Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management (MSK)

Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA)

Persis Mind Explorer, Tehran, Iran


Head of education

Poul Wathne

External Professor, Denmark.


  1. Janne Schneider, Deputy Head of Department at Ministry of Foreing Affairs, Denmark.
  2. Edith Nkanze Egesø, Cand.Mag. in Management, Specialising in Global Sustainable Development, Lecturing Intercultural Communication, DJØF.
  3. Habib Simon Hajyan, Director, Denmark. 
  4. Ib Bygbjerg, Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
  5. Deborah Maclean, Public Diplomacy Officer, the United States of America, USA.
  6. Tonny Jensen, Chief Project Manager, Cowi, Denmark.
  7. Vagn Rehøj, Chief Project Manager, Cowi, Denmark.
  8. Henrik Winter, Vice President, Water and Wastewater, Cowi, Denmark. 
  9. Steen Frederiksen, Director, SF-consult and IUG, Denmark
  10. Niels Maagaard, Cand. Polit., Controller, University og Copenhagen, Director, Powerhouse, Denmark.
  11. Agyedho Bwogo, M.SC., Consultant, Powerhouse, Denmark.
  12. Steen Holmgren, Architect, Consultant, Powerhouse, Denmark.
  13. Marielise Berg-Sonne, M.SC., Consultant Powerhouse, Denmark.
  14. Sudhanshu Rai, PhD., Associate Professor, Consultant, Powerhouse, Denmark.
  15. Steen Clausen, M.SC., Consultant, IUG, Denmark.
  16. Rolf Trier, Head of Legal Department, Maskinmestrenes Forening, Denmark.
  17. Michael Koefoed, M.Sc, Engineer Consultant, IUG, Denmark.
  18. Shehzad Ahmad, Director, DK-CERT, Denmark.
  19. Hans Christian Krarup, Director, Golden Associates, Denmark.
  20. Jesper Kirknжs, Social Anthropologist, Zanzibar/Denmark.
  21. Omar Malla, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Marine Engineer College, Denmark.
  22. Martine Kumana, Cand. Merc., Denmark.
  23. Fortunatus Bundu, Cand. Polit., Afrikaspecialist i Danske Bank.
  24. Aziz Fall, M.SC., Pol. Comm., Denmark.
  25. Samaira Ali, Cand. Mag., Denmark.
  26. Flemming W. Nielsen, Senior Manager, Vestas Wind Technology, Denmark
  27. Han Xiaodong, Economic & Commercial Counselor, The Embassy of the People's Republic of China.
  28. Qiu Guangling, Economic & Commercial Counsellor, The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.
  29. Xie Guoxiang, First Secretary, The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.
  30. Li Jinsheng, Cultural Counsellor, The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.
  31. Zhang Yimeng, Cultural Affairs, The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.
  32. Fu Wenyan, Head of Political Section, Embassy of the People's Republic of China.
  33. Annette Orup, Education Counsellor, KME, Denmark.
  34. Heidi Jшrgensen, Senior Consultant, DI International Business Development, Denmark.
  35. Anila Bakhsh, International / Intercultural Social Work, Denmark.
  36. Steffen Thomsen, Senior Consultant, Cand. Merc. Int., General Project Services Aps. How to start business in Emerging Countries.
  37. Kinga Valeria Szabo, Senior Consultant, DI, International Business Development, Denmark.
  38. Shawn Waddoups, First Secretary, Economic Affairs, Embassy of the United States of America, USA.
  39. Henrik Stæhr, Director, Cura, Denmark
  40. Louise Vinodini Sшrensen, Principal, Export Council, Energy & Environment, Ministry of Foreing Affairs, Denmark.
  41. Nis Høyrup Christensen, PHD, MSc, Advisor on Chinese Affairs, DI, Denmark.
  42. Tina Victoria Berlin, Director, Private Nurses and Doctors Trust Limited, Tanzania.
  43. Rune M. Jшrgensen, Maritim Officer, Prof. Bachelor from SIMAC, Denmark.
  44. Vanessa de Oliveira Stephensen, Cand. Merc., Director NOVUM, Chairman of Danish Brazilian Society. Denmark.
  45. Henning Therkelsen, PhD., Vice Precident, COWI. Denmark.
  46. Violet Musa Siwale, Postgraduate, Specialist in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations. Tanzania.
  47. Steen Pedersen, Specialist in Labour Relations in Tanzania. Denmark.
  48. Jane Marie Poulsrud Hansen, Cand. Merc. Int. / MSc. Business and Development Studies. Denmark
  49. Kamilla Sultanova, MA (cand. merc.), Corporate communication, Diversity management, globalization and interculturel communication. Denmark.
  50. Rikke Zeuner, Head of Section, Danida Business Partnerships, Business and Contracts Department. Ministry of Foreing Affairs, Denmark.
  51. Mette Diego-Roll, Head of Section, Eksportrеdet, Ministry of Foreing Affairs, Denmark.
  52. Anne Lindhardt, Cand. mag., psykologi, pжdagogik, kinesisk. Kommunikation & Kultur. Denmark
  53. Tina Wilchen, Cand. Polit., Socialantropologi. Humanculture. Denmark
  54. Allan Larsen, Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Marine Engineer College, M.Sc. Engineer, Management & Organisation. Denmark.
  55. Rikke Frank-Daub, Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Marine Engineer College, M.Sc. in Technology and Socio economics. Denmark.
  56. Simina Antoanela Receanu, Master of Sociology & Master in Business and Development Studies - Cand. Merc. Int.
  57. Shalini Chakravorty, Cand. Merc. Soc/Eco, Cross-cultural Manager & Consultant for doing Business in India.
  58. Pia Lund Poulsen, Antropolog, Indonesia/Malaysia
  59. Lars Gade Holm, Eksportrеdet, Strategi, Policy og Kvalitet, Ministry of Foreing Affairs, Denmark.
  60. Michael Viberg Pedersen, Projektchef i DI, BRIK & NEXT 11, Denmark.
  61. Raimundas Gaizutis, Udviklingschef, NOVUM, Denmark.
  62. Reynolds Brandon H, MBA, Golden Gate University, Embassy of the United States of America.
  63. Saima Malik, Cand. Polit., Specialist in Policy and Development in Pakistan.
  64. Vasuda Chandrasekhar, MBA, Motorola, India and how to start business/Company in India.
  65. Jan Skovgaard, PHD, Associate Professor, MSK, CSR and how to use CSR.
  66. Shehzad Ahmad, Head of DK-CERT, IT Security in a Globalized World.
  67. Adel Sadek, Chief Engineer, Business/Companies in India and China.
  68. Gabriella Ann Meersohn, Cand. Merc. Int., European Energy.
  69. Lars Gade Holm, Eksportrådet, The Trade Council, Strategy, Policy and Quality.
  70. John Lykke Nielsen, General Manager, F.L. Smidth, Working Abroad/International.
  71. Jan Runge, Associate Professor, MSK, Working with many Nationalities.
  72. Per Sonne Sørensen, General Manager, Foss Analytical Co. Ltd., China.
  73. Heidi Jørgensen, M.Sc. Business ADM & ECOM, Danish Industry, DI.
  74. Tommy Birkebæk, Associate Professor, MSK, Leadership across Cultures.
  75. Chen Yong, Senior Coloner, The Chinese Embassy, China, Diplomacy.
  76. Ji Lili, Cultural Section, The Chinese Embassy, China, Diplomacy.
  77. Shan Ming, Commercial Section, The Chinese Embassy, China, Diplomacy.
  78. Huang Li, Political Section, The Chinese Embassy, China, Diplomacy.
  79. Adel Sadek, M.Sc. Chief Engineer, GN, Denmark.
  80. Nikolaj Fredsted, Cand Oecon, Teamleder/Kundeteam, Eksportrådet, Udenrigsministeriet.
  81. Adrienne Fadler, M.Sc. General Services, US Embassy.
  82. Julie Grønlund, M.Sc. Cultural Specialist, US Embassy.
  83. Zhang Zhenmin, First Secretary Commercial, Embassy of China.
  84. Zhang Junyi, Political Attache, Embassy of China.
  85. Jimmy Hoffmann Hansen, M.Sc., Direktør, Unicool.
  86. Esben Larsen, Lektor, M.Sc. EE. Associate Professor, DTU Elektro.
  87. Delin Wei, Cand. Polit, Cand. Scient, Oecon, Cand. IT., Skat.