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President Poul Wathne



The Western world's understanding of science theory and universities 'curriculum building mainly on European thinking has a consequence for Western students' ability to understand and analyze the world, both within and beyond Europe's borders. The international major cultural areas such as China, India, Africa and South America do not really belong in our theory of science, which may be the main reason for the Western World doing so poorly in Africa. 

Constitution for ARCSOPA

Anfoega Roman Catholic Schools Old Pupils Association

Status: It is non-Sectarian and non-political organization.


The name of the Association is ANFOEGA ROMAN CATHOLIC    SCHOOLS OLD PUPILS ASSOCIATION and may be abbreviated for sh ort “ARCSOPA”.


-To bring the old pupils together to promote a viable    organization for the purpose of developing and enhancing the spirit of fellowship, common heritage and through co-operation provide the individual an opportunity to honour his/her Alma Mater.

-To foster a sense of allegiance among members of the Association as persons who share a common educational background.

-To provide full support for physical development of all first cycle educational institutions, i.e. Roman Catholic Schools within the Anfoega Traditional Council Jurisdiction.

-To collaborate with the Educational Authorities for the attainment of the highest standard in basic education and cultural upbringing of pupils of the schools.

- To co-operate with Parent Teacher Associations.

-To establish and maintain cordial relationship with other organizations within the Anfoega Traditional Council Area and, i.e. for sustainable improvement in education and culture.

-To promote policies which through togetherness can bring about a social-net-work for the welfare benefits of members of the Association.

- It may take up specific social projects within the Anfoega Community on an ad hoc basis.


-Prime membership is open to a person who at any given time was a pupil of Infant, Junior, Senior School or Primary and Middle School.

-Honorary membership shall be by appointment at the Annual General Meeting.


-Anfoega Roman Catholic Schools Old Pupils Association, ARCSOPA shall be governed and administered by an executive body. The Executive shall be composed of a minimum of 7 and a maximum number of 11 members.

-Annual or Extraordinary / Emergency General Meeting is the supreme authority of the Association.


-The President and Vice President of the Association shall be elected at Annual General meeting, and shall have tenure of office for 3 years without option for re-election.

-The Secretary of the Association shall be elected at an Annual General meeting and shall have tenure of office for 3 yers with no option for re-election.

-The Treasure Unit shall be responsible for all finances of the Association. Proper accounting books must be kept. Half yearly sheet must be prepared. Annual Account must be prepared for the presentation to Annual General meeting for scrutiny and approval.

-Planning and Development Unit is the technical department of Association.

-Curricula and Performance Unit shall be responsible for all aspects of teaching and learning and shall be effective liaison for the Association at all the schools, in the classrooms, in the field and in the home.

-The Culture Unit shall be responsible for establishment of Libraries.


-The associations accounting year shall be identical with the calendar year that begins on the first day of January and ends on the thirty-first day of December.

-Annual General Meeting shall be held between 1. of March – 31. of May of each year.

-An Extraordinary Meeting may be convened with 14 days notice.

-Invitation to General meetings shall state the place, date and time.



Daniel Semanu Odoom

Denmark & Ghana



Dear sir/madam, 

I am Mary Yawa Fleku, Postal Box No.3, Anfoega Akukome, Volta Region. Iam an Educationist and until my retirement from the services of Ghana Education service in 2014, I was a circuit supervisor within the educational set-up at KPANDO DISTRICT.



Daniel Semanu Odoom, contact no. 0245628143 of Anfoega is my HEROE OF CHANGE, 2016.

Daniel S. Odoom's philosophy of life he says is "The purpose of acquiring higher education is to contribute to knowledge and spread the benefits to as many people as possible". He says further that "EDUCATION is the means and TOOL to spread the benefits". He has 4 books to his credit and published poems. 



Abbreviate for short, "ARCSOPA".

In 2003, Togbe Ganahe Akonipi V, who is TITINAFIA OF ANFOEGA TRADITIONAL council,a Senior Lecturer of University of Ghana, Legon organized ameeting at a Hall of the University. I was invited to speak at that forum where I demonstrated facts and figures about poor state of affairs at the Anfoega schools. I provided some contributing factors which were the basic causes of the poor state of affairs  D.S Odoom happened to be present at that meeting consequently, D.S.Odoom together with Togbe Tepre Hodo  IV Paramount Chief of Anfoega Traditional Council laid plans to reinvigorate, a dormant Association. The constitution was revised whereby the main OBJECTIVE OF "ARCSOPA" is to provide SUPPORT to the  schools. The E.P Church was encouraged to form similar organization which occurred. 


D.S.Odoom retumed to his country of residence, ie. The Kingdom of Denmark. He organized an effective SUPPORT GROUP headed by

Prof. Poul Wathne, Technical University, Copenhagen, Denmark.

D.S.Odoom retired and retumed to Ghana at the expense of his wife and grown-up children. The invigorated  "ARCSOPA's members elected D.S.Odoom as its PRESSIDENT.

The Organization started work in earnest in 2004/2005 academic year. The Support Group in Denmark provided funds for activities. "ARCSOPA' distributed free of charge, Text books, exercise books, pens and pencils, teaching materials to the Roman  Catholic Schools at Anfoega. "ARCSOPA" cared for the basic schools i.e. KG1-class 6 of Primary Schools. There are 2 settlements called A veti and Denui. These 2 communities are situated farthest in the East-end of Anfoega territory by Dayi River. The Primary school there was built since 1961 but broke down for 12 years. Consequently, there were children within the communities who were l0-12 years old without access to education."ARCSOPA" revived the schools which enrolled 23 children, male and female in 2005. One teacher was in charge. "ARCSOPA" provide books, teaching materials and free school  uniforms. The school uniform for the children constituted and is a status symbol so much so that the enrolment the following year 2005/2006 rose from 23 to 93 pupils.



Daniel Semanu Odoom won the contestfor Local Govemment Election, Kpeta, Agudzi, Zongo and Adame electoral area hence became a member of the Kpando District Assembly where he was earlier a Govemment Appointee. D.S Odoom was elevated by acclamation to the post of  Presiding Member of Kpando District Assembly in October 2006. He won 44 out of 46 from then on he had determining say in the affairs of the District.

"ARCSOPA" benefited from D.S. Odoom's elevated position in Kpando District Assembly. For example Aveti Denui school's enrollment was from 23 to pupils to 93 and then in 2006/2007 the enrolment reached 123. Coincidentally, the Govemment Youth Employment programme came into being where by 4 teachers were positioned to the school. "ARCSOPA" support for books, teaching materials and free school uniform  remained unchanged. Ghana Education Service re-instated the school in the list of public schools. A trained teacher was made the head. Through the efforts of D.S Odoom a six unit classroom block, store and an office was provided for the school by the municipal assembly.


Meanwhile the support group in Denmark sent 40 foot container with books, clothings, furniture, a piano and TV sets. All schools within Anfoega Traditional Area benefited from those items.

"ARCSOPA" adopted 3 males and a females from single mother from Anfoega Dzana who at the time of writing are in secondary schools.

"ARCSOPA" had visits from members from the support Group each year and in 2007/2008 there were 3 females teachers from Denmark who spent 6 weeks teaching in the schools in Anfoega.

Rygaards Skole in Hellerup Denmark had exchange programme with the Hospital Primary Schools at Anfoega.



KPANDO District Assembly benefited immensely under D.S. Odoom political leadership.The Kingpin and the Crown is that Kpando District Assembly Qualified for good Governance, adjudged by the European Union. The Success yielded the Assembly 48.000 Euros in 2008 and 58.000 Euros in 2009.



General Timothy Dibuama and Daniel Senanu Odoom were invited to Anfoega traditional council as HONORARY MEMBERS from 2006 to date. The two gentlemen who spent 25 years and 40 years respectively in the United Nations and Denmark brought their experience and expertise to bear on approach to confronting to challenges and raising funds for viable project. They both provide in irnmerse support for Anfoega Development fund.

Daniel Semanu Odoom chaired the planning the committee for the fifty years anniversary of Anfoega Catholic Hospital, 1959-2009.


Anfoga received the Ch

Bristian Evangelical Church in 1888, i.e 128 years but there is yet to be a school library any where in 128 years. Hence "ARCSOPA" started a library project for schools. 

Local volunteers contributions



Quality Insurance Company, 2008



SSNIT 2010,



Ghana international foundation London, 2012



The library project has a setback due to lack of funds. These situation is due mainly to situation in Denmark because members of the support group become aged where the youngest is 76 and oldest 94 years old. 



He is publicity shy.

But I know his sponsors girls education in Senior High Schools and Universities with whom he has no blood relation.

I know, his family head in his father's lineage.

I know his family head in his mother's lineage, the well known ABLAKOS.

I know his defacto family head-Dibuama at Anfoega Akloba.

I know he helps individuals in educating of pupils and students he'll tell you "don't tell anybody.

The chiefs in Anfoega are grateful to him for his devotion to duty, courage and selflessness. Members  of "ARCSOPA" look up to him.

He is a good friend of Christian churches in Anfoega.

He is a friend of the child, at the slightest opportunity he teaches in the classrooms.



Signed Mary Yawa Fleku (Retired  Educationist Contact No.0207905865)